Walls & Ceilings

There are a few different ways you can create & decorate walls.   Once you’ve decided which kind of wall is best to use, you can decorate them with the following:

We can assist you with any of the above.

Standard Drywalling

“Drywall (also known as plasterboardwallboard, sheet rock, gypsum board, or gypsum panel) is a panel made of calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum),  typically extruded between thick sheets of facer and backer paper, used in the construction of interior walls and ceilings.”

In layman’s terms – its like chalk in between 2 sheets of paper – and yup – that’s what they use to create walls in offices that they break down at their every whim.

Drywalling is very cost effective. It is quick & easy to install, easy to repair and can be painted, tiled / wall papered.  It’s super versatile!  And did you know – because it’s made of chalk, it’s also  Fire Resistant.   

Glass Screens / Glazing

Glass Partitioning Looks neat & professional. It is a great way to create meeting areas & privacy. It allows natural light in open plan office areas and privacy screens can easily be applied with vinyl frosting in some very creative ways and patterns.

Decorative Screens

Decorative screens offer the perfect balance of function and design, reducing noise & adding a modern feel to a home or office. They can also serve as a room divider between departments.

Demountable Partitioning

Demountable office partitions have a variety of uses. These partitions offer an easy way to manage space strategically, they can be customised to ones’ specific needs easily. Moreover they are cost-effective and present an environmentally friendly alternative to permanent walls.

The ability to move partitioning around removes the need for additional construction.

Unlike other building alternatives, demountable partitioning systems do not require any liquid products to be used during the installation process. There is a vast collection of demountable partitioning systems that allow companies to cater for individual needs.

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There are 3 different kinds of ceilings: