When it comes to flooring there are so many wonderful options available today – but what is the most cost effective?  Here’s a brief overview of your options, along with their pro’s and cons:


Carpets are still a favoured choice among business owners. Not only do the carpet tiles come in a variety of shades & styles these days, they are also cost effective and quick & easy to install.
Carpets play an important role in acoustics / sound absorption – so if you’re going to run a call centre – this is probably your best bet.
office carpet tiles flooring

Vinyl Flooring

STOP – if you’re thinking of that yucky 1950’s plastic black & white checker blocks this is not what we’re talking about! We’re talking about the stuff that looks like laminate flooring, without the annoying sound effects that go with them. Vinyl flooring gets glued down, on top of that old yucky other vinyl….. or if you have a newly built space, it goes straight on top of the cement.
You get a really chic finish that is easy to clean & maintain, without your office sounding like a runway.
The cons: if you previously had carpets on the floor, the area may need to be screed levelled before you can stick down the vinyl.


Tiles are not a very popular choice for the entire area / large portion of an office space. Although they are still very easy to clean – the echoing effect is less than ideal for an office space. Obviously tiles are still the preferred flooring for kitchen & bathroom areas.
Pros of Tile Flooring
  • Easy to Maintain. One of the characteristics that people love the most about tile flooring is that it is easy to maintain.
  • Water-Resistant.
  • Durable.
  • Cost.
Cons of Tile Flooring
  • Cold.
  • Heavy.
  • Slippery and Hard.
Floor tiles

Concrete Flooring

This kind of flooring is what everyone is talking about. It’s easy to understand why! The options are limitless. If you are looking for a really HOT reception area or a creative canteen/pause area – this is it! The “pro” list is far too long. So why wouldn’t you have a funky cement, high gloss finish floor? Because it can cost you that arm/leg. But how badly do you want to create that look?

Bamboo Flooring

Solid wood bamboo flooring is hard wearing and long lasting. Bamboo is Eco-Friendly and hypo allergenic and cost effective. Bamboo is a natural surface covering material that has many of the properties of hardwood flooring, even though it is actually produced from a type of grass.
  • The bamboo plant is a highly renewable resource that is able to grow to maturity in as little as three to five years. Which makes it a very ecologically friendly option.
  • Simply sweep or vacuum it regularly to clean. The occasional damp mop is advisable.
  • Water resistant:
Bamboo flooring
Wooden flooring installation

Solid Wooden Flooring

Although solid wooden flooring is not the cheapest, many still choose this over its cheaper alternatives.  Let’s face it, a classic wooden floor is hard to beat!    Some other reasons to go with solid wooden floors include:

  • Easy maintenance – the odd polish and weekly sweeping is all you need
  • Durability – great for heavy traffic (of the pedestrian kind)
  • Great acoustics – way less heel clacking than laminate floors
  • Hygienic – great for people with allergies!

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