Specialist Trades Landord Services

We offer a wide variety of service which includes: Pools, Paving, Braai’s / Lapas, Signage, White Boxing, Office Sanitisation, Furniture Relocations.


‘White Box’ is a term used for a type of finish in commercial real estate with an unfinished interior and does not include: interior walls (other than code required restrooms), wall coverings, paint, flooring, plumbing fixtures (other than code required restrooms and drinking fountains), upgraded electrical fixtures, and upgraded code required restroom fixtures. A white box is ready for tenant improvements (TI’s), which are to be completed once the lease agreement has been negotiated and executed.

It is typically an interior space that is minimally finished.  The idea being that the next tenant will be presented with a shell space that they can quickly convert into virtually anything.

Office Sanitisation

Did you ever look at your colleagues chair and think to yourself:  “ This chair has more food on it than a fast food joint!” ?  Truth is most people eat at their desks these days.  But Office Sanitisation is about much more than cleaning the office furniture.  Things like indoor air quality can affect the health of your staff.  If you find that your staff are constantly off ill, you might want to consider sanitising your office space to get rid of bugs that might be causing allergies etc.

Furniture Relocation

Moving from one office to the next can be a mammoth task.  With all the planning and arrangements that need to be in place, sometimes the last thing you want to think of is the actual physical moving of the furniture & boxes.  

We can assist you with our reliable and experienced partners to make your move seamless, working together with your space planner to ensure that each desk and chair arrives exactly where it should be.


Pool renovations & maintenance forms part of our Home Renovations portfolio.  Ask us about:

  • Buillding New pools
  • Fibreglass pools
  • Pool painting
  • Leak detection & repairs


We can assist you with Commercial and Residential paving services, including:

  • Walkway paving
  • Driveway paving
  • Parking lot paving
  • Paving cleaning

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